Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

DEMP supports, develops and promotes the advancement of our children and youths in the community, by enabling them to reach their academic and life-skills goals; thereby, maximizing their potential. Through innovative initiatives and mentoring programs, we provide the support needed to help all students develop and maintain the building blocks for a successful future, both mentally and physically.

The Objectives of the Durham Educational Mentoring Program

  • Equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need to become productive citizens in the twenty-first century.

  • Offer an education that promotes a high standard of achievement that will provide all students with the learning opportunities and support they need.

  • Promote and encourage literacy and numeracy through parent/teacher/student volunteer partnerships.

  • Provide “remedial” assistance to support regular School and Community activities.

  • Provide an environment for learning, character and confidence building and social gatherings for students.

  • Develop lifelong learners among our students and participants

  • Promote healthy lifestyles among the students and their families through physical exercise and healthy eating

  • Replace the negative stereotypes of our community with positive images of graduating and successful students.